Fans support the Stanfields’ isolation message with homemade clips

Originally published in The Chronicle Herald on April 15, 2020

By Stephen Cooke
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Just like the song says in his band’s new viral video, the Stanfields' Jon Landry is staying the blazes home.

“I stepped outside for the first time in three weeks, just about an hour ago,” says the Halifax frontman for the folk-rock quintet. “Man, it was weird.”

Released a week ago after a frenzied weekend of self-isolated home recording and video making, the impromptu single has become an online sensation, inspired by the remark made by an adamant Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil on Friday, April 3.

When Landry’s wife Shannon leaned over and suggested the phrase would make a pretty good song, complete with an impression of Stompin’ Tom Connors singing it, the light bulb went on over the musician’s head.

A few days later, the Stanfields had a new song and video, which has since raised more than $3,000 for Feed Nova Scotia through pay-what-you-can downloads, and earned the band an appearance on CBC-TV’s The National.

“It’s been great, because we’ve seen all kinds of people we deal with in the industry on a regular basis just rallying around the message,” says Landry from a home studio he calls his “War Room”.

“It’s a super-important one for all of us. A few days ago, we did a call-out for people who watched the video to submit their own footage for a crowd-sourced version. So we had a ton of responses over the weekend and lemme tell you, there are some doozies in there.”

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