NEW MUSIC VIDEO: (I'll Stay Home) With Bells On

So we had an online band meeting a few weeks ago and got talking about releasing a Christmas cover. We quite quickly settled on the Dolly Parton holiday banger "With Bells On" - made famous on the classic Once Upon A Christmas album featuring Kenny and Dolly. Lord knows each of us as kids watched our parents get overly festive on rum and egg nog with this masterpiece spinning in the background, so you could say that this song holds a special nostalgia for us.

Add "(I'll Stay Home) With Bells On" to Spotify and Apple Music HERE 

Of course, as with us, creative conversations tend to gravitate towards dad joke-laden silliness, so we couldn't resist lyrically adapting the song to fit the current pandemic saga - thus we present to you "(I'll Stay Home) With Bells On.

By the way, we produced the audio and video completely remotely from each other - much like we did with Stay the Blazes Home and Pick Up the Phone.

Although we had the music and Kenny Rogers parts down, we soon realized that none of us in the band could pull off a passable Dolly Parton impression.....

Enter Shannon Landry aka Miss Shannon aka The Lady Who is Married to Jon aka The Person Who Keeps Our Operation on the Rails Behind the Scenes.

Little did we know that we had a stone cold "Reese Witherspoon doing June Carter" country singer in our midst! Shannon really stepped it up and hit us square between the eyes with her fiery performance. Thank you for being our Dolly, Shan. 

So - just because we can't necessarily be together this holiday season, it doesn't mean that we can't celebrate together in weird and wonderful ways. Hopefully the song and video helps take the edge off your socially-distanced holiday season, and helps inspire you to make the most of it!

Ho Ho Ho Mofo's - The Stans

PS - For all you slackers who are trying to do last minute Xmas shopping in the age of COVID, we have digital gift cards available.


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