About The Stanfields

The Stanfields are a multiple award-winning five-piece Folk’n’Roll band based in Halifax, Canada. Combining Rock music with solid nods to Celtic and Americana - they play what they want, sing what they feel, and leave nothing on the table.   

Since forming in 2008, The Stanfields have released seven albums, multiple singles, and have toured extensively throughout North America and Europe - sharing the stage with Queens of the Stone Age, Flogging Molly, Frank Turner and Dropkick Murphys among many. 

Enter Welcome to the Ball - the band’s latest live full length  recording. Captured over the course of one crazy night at the band’s fabled Blacktop Ball 2019 festival performance, Welcome to the Ball is proof positive that The Stanfields live up to the feral onstage reputation that precedes them, and underscores what their fans already know: at a Stans show, you will experience a communal joy that is powerful, grossly engaging, flawed, and overwhelmingly human. Included in the artfully presented live album is the bonus studio title track “Welcome to the Ball” - an 80’s-inflected head-nodder written and produced in pandemic solitude as ode to the spirit of their festival and their fans.

The Stanfields Are

Jon Landry
Vocals, Guitar, Bouzouki, Harmonica

Calen Kinney
Fiddle, Keyboards, Vocals

Jason MacIsaac
Guitar, Vocals

Mark Murphy
Drums, Percussion

Dillan Tate
Bass, Vocals

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